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SPECIWOMEN's goal is to put forward female artists from all around the world. Today, the numbers of emerging talents is gigantic. Each week, you catch a little inch of the life of women who might be the next Frida, Nina Simone, Pina Bausch or Joan Baez. Who knows? 

The representation of women in the art institutions is still minor today. Philo Cohen created SPECIWOMEN in 2015 to prove to the world how the next generation could be a world of equality and power. 

If you're interested in being a part of these in becoming female community, please email us. We are based in New York City. 



Founder and Artistic Director : Philo Cohen

Editor in Chief and Graphic Designer: Gina Piersanti

Social Media Manager and Co-Editor : Maya Millán

Head Photographer (NYC): Ruby Rose (http://rubyrosefilm.tumblr.com/)

Photographer (Paris): Agnès Ngan Yem

Assistant Photographer (Paris): Camille N'Sizoa

Photographer (Berlin): Mila Figuet (http://milafiguet.tumblr.com/)

Newsletter Director : Ilana Wharshavasky

Ambassadors : Djali Brown-Cepeda, Zora Casebere, Gala Prudent

Website Designer : Django El Siddig

Music Curator : Samia Finnerty




Dear Speciz, Dear World, 

I came up with the idea of this website when I arrived in New York City, a year and a half ago. I was surrounded by so many multi-talented women. Plus, I was hungry of knowledge and art. This virtual gallery of emerging female talents is for me a way to put forward how extremely creative and singular young women are, all around the world. Each art is different, each girl is different. I’m myself a multi talented artist and I wanted to share all of my passions with these people, wether they are professional, or sometimes amateur only. The purpose of SPECIWOMEN is to link women together, push them forward and introduce them to the Big Art World. Activist groups as The Guerrilla Girls were my engine for the creation of this project. Today, most of the moves happen on Internet. That’s why I chose to build a website. Interaction and weekly update are both key words that reflect SPECIWOMEN. I’m a big magazine reader. I always have Rookie, Interview Magazine and Paulette in my bag and on my shelves.  

I see SPECIWOMEN as a big collection of last phase cocoons that are about to become butterflies. You guys are the ones who made this experience possible and formed this community. You artists, you women, who engage and contribute to this website weekly are the future figures who will run the World. I can't wait for this platform to grow more and more and I'm waiting for you guys to share, to make moves and participate to SPECIWOMEN. 

SPECIWOMEN will always be your home. You made my dream come true, I will make everything I can to realize yours. 

Go Women! Go Girls ! Go Speci! 

Thank you,